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Kingsworth International Primary students spend half of the day in English and half of the day in French, completely immersed in the two languages.

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Early Years and Primary
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"If I were to describe my transformative experience of support, which has greatly boosted my confidence and instilled in me an unwavering determination, it would undoubtedly be attributed to my school."
Sophia, Alumna
"When it comes to the  five teachers I had during my entire A level course, I was extremely satisfied with the teaching techniques at Kingsworth - having moved here from the French  school system at the end of grade 10 (2nde). I believe that all teachers here are exceptional and highly dedicated to their work."
Frederick, Alumn
"The teachers were all very supportive and kind, so it created a friendly and easy-going environment to be in. My classmates and friends were also fun to be around and welcoming. The sense of community and diversity in the school (family) helped me enjoy my student life throughout my years at Kingsworth."
Seohyeon, Alumna
"Thanks to everyone, I was able to improve my English skills. I am happy to now be able to attend a Bachelors in Management."
Minh, Alumna