Early Years Section

In the heart of Paris

Three high school students study A-Levels together in the courtyard in front of Kingsworth International School in Paris, France.

Copernic Campus

Our Copernic Campus is the home of our Early Years and Primary sections. We welcome children starting in 'toute petite section' at two years of age.


Dr. Stephanie Mounier is the Interim Head of the Early Years and Primary sections. A bilingual international school located in Paris, France.
Ms. Stephanie Mounier
Head of Primary

Welcome to the Kingsworth International School, Primary Section. Our school is a unique and welcoming community that offers an innovative bilingual curriculum for students from over 40 countries. Kingsworth cultivates a unique learning environment that challenges students to explore and engage with the world around them. Pupils develop and build literacy skills in conjunction with STEAM learning in a vibrant international setting. This multifaceted focus teaches children that we are all interconnected, and that each building block of learning supports multiple others, creating a firm and steady foundation for our future.  

At Kingsworth we use an inquiry-based approach to learning, encouraging students to ask questions and to engage with the process of finding answers as they strengthen their framework of knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We are proud to introduce a text-based curriculum into our primary school, an initiative that brings books and literacy to the forefront of learning. This program aims to reduce pupils’ dependence on screens, in the classroom and at home, as they simultaneously boost critical thinking skills through reading, question-asking, and discussion across the curriculum in English and French.

Kingsworth has a dedicated team of highly trained, international teachers who greet new and returning students each year with enthusiasm. We are proud of our small school. While we grow and make improvements every year, our commitment to the nurturing of curious young minds remains constant.


Children spend half of the day in the English classroom and half of the day in their designated French classroom.

This immersive approach allows children to absorb both languages while following the British National and French National Curriculum.

The teachers collaborate to create a rich interdisciplinary experience.
Kingsworth International Primary students spend half of the day in English and half of the day in French, completely immersed in the two languages.
An outdoor courtyard and multi-purpose room create ample space for children to move and play.
An outdoor courtyard, a multi-purpose room, and an immersive sensory room provide ample space for children to move and play.
Student wears astronaut suit during an interdisciplinary unit on space and planet Earth.
In our Early Years section, we believe that a child's early education is the foundation upon which their future success is built. Our approach centers on a texted – based curriculum and inquiry-based learning, coupled with exploration and play-based activities.
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Painting and art are a foundational part of the curriculum. They are integrated into each unit as a way of making each lesson interactive.
We cater to students from PS (Nursery) to GS (Kindergarten), nurturing their growth and development in an environment that fosters creativity, self-awareness, and independence.
Small class sizes mean that there are lots of opportunities everyday for children to have one-on-one lessons with teachers. This boy is learning how to count at Kingsworth International School in Paris France.

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The happiness and well being of the child is the most important aspect of our curriculum.
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A student shows off their most recent painting that uses  pointillism to recreate the works of Degas.