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We welcome students to our Middle School and High School sections at our Passy Campus.

Children starting at two and a half years of age are accepted to our Primary Section located at the Copernic Campus

Our aim at Kingsworth International School is to provide a rich, inclusive curriculum that motivates each student to love learning.

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BILINGUAL immersion

Kingsworth International Primary School is a bilingual school that incorporates both British National Education and French Curriculum standards. We offer a unique bilingual approach to learning using a text-based curriculum specifically designed for our school. The English and French curriculums are designed to complement one another, reinforcing learning in both languages and providing students the opportunity to revisit themes from a new perspective. As such, children will study geography, history, art, music, and other topics in English as well as in French at various moments throughout the year.   

Our daily schedule is split into two parts, one half in French and one half in English. Children move into the corresponding classroom to associate that language with a new space. The French and English teachers work very closely to ensure that our curriculum standards are met across both languages and that pupils have smooth transitions and a sense of continuity in their learning.

Our International Primary curriculum is designed around literacy for all ages, starting with Nursery and continuing to build through grade five. We curate each unit based on a carefully chosen, high-quality storybook that engages pupils and encourages them to explore topics through reading and discussion, scientific inquiry, art, music, and the social sciences. By integrating the various subject areas into each centrally themed unit, we make our lessons stimulating, interactive, and meaningful.

Our English curriculum was designed specifically for Kingsworth in cooperation with the Center for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE). We have designed our French curriculum to complement the learning objectives of the CLPE lessons so that the two programs work in conjunction to form the building blocks of each child’s academic education. Every day we incorporate innovative pedagogy that is recognised worldwide for placing books and stories at the center of our teaching practice.

Developing a love for reading allows students to become lifelong learners and gives them the tools to begin exploring the world of books at their own pace. Recent research has shown that children today rely heavily on technology to find quick answers to simple problems. Our English and French text-based programs encourage students to be curious about their environment and to make deeper connections to the world around them. This curiosity begins with a storybook, and goes on to explore the profound ways these books can impact our understanding of our world. Since incorporating this new curriculum into our daily lessons, we are proud to see student interest and engagement increase significantly in the classroom.
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Mathematics : A Harmonious Blend of the English and French Curriculums

At Kingsworth, we take great pride in our comprehensive math program, which offers a unique and enriching learning experience for our students. We understand the importance of a strong foundation in mathematics and the role it plays in shaping young minds. Therefore, we are aligned with both the French and English national curriculums. Our commitment to excellence in mathematics education ensures that our students receive a well-rounded and globally competitive education.

Our mathematics program is distinctive because it seamlessly integrates the English and French curriculums, providing students with a holistic and well-rounded foundation. By following both national requirements, we ensure that our students are well-prepared to excel in both local and international settings. The synergy between the English and French programs not only enhances mathematical comprehension but also fosters a deeper appreciation for calculations, making it a subject that is accessible and an enjoyable journey for our students.


At our school, from nursery onwards, we introduce students to a diverse range of high-quality literature, including classic and contemporary works, across different genres and cultures. Through guided sessions, book clubs, and independent reading, we foster comprehension skills, critical thinking, and a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling.

Writing is equally important in our curriculum, and we believe that every child has a unique voice and story to tell. We provide ample opportunities for students to develop their writing skills through a variety of genres, such as narratives, descriptive pieces, persuasive texts, and poetry. Our dedicated teachers guide students through the writing process, offering constructive feedback and nurturing their individual writing styles.

To promote active engagement and collaborative learning, we incorporate interactive activities, discussions, and projects into our curriculum. Students participate in group discussions, debates, and presentations, where they can express their thoughts, listen to different perspectives, and develop effective communication skills. Although the focus of our bilingual curriculum is on books, we actively integrate technology into the classroom, allowing older students to explore digital storytelling, multimedia presentations, and online research.

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At Kingsworth we use a text-based approach that incorporates reading, humanities, and the sciences into one central lesson. We develop literacy and a love of reading by developing each unit around a storybook carefully chosen for the development of the child by the Center for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) as well as high quality French storybooks curated by our French and English teachers together.