Kingsworth International

Children starting at two and a half years of age are accepted to our Primary Section located at the Copernic Campus

In our Early Years section, we believe that a child's early education is the foundation upon which their future success is built.

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BILINGUAL immersion

We place a strong emphasis on delivering an exceptional curriculum that sparks excitement, fosters engagement, and encourages innovation among our students. We firmly believe in cultivating a lifelong love for books and nurturing a genuine passion for reading in every child.

Kingsworth International Primary School is a bilingual school that incorporates both British National Education and French Curriculum standards. We are not an English school with a few French classes, nor are we a French school with an English section. We offer a unique bilingual approach.

Our daily schedule is split into two parts, one half in French and one half in English. Children move into the corresponding classroom to associate that language with a new space. The French and English teachers work very closely to ensure that our curriculum standards are met across both languages.

Text Based Curriculum and Inquiry-Based Learning

Kingsworth embraces a text based curriculum and inquiry-based learning as fundamental pillars of our educational philosophy. We encourage students to ask questions, explore their interests, and develop critical thinking skills.

Through engaging and thought-provoking activities inspired in storybooks or text, we spark their curiosity, helping them discover the joy of learning. Our dedicated teachers act as guides, helping children explore their interests and develop a love for knowledge.Visit the CLPE website

Exploration and Play-Based Learning

We understand that young children learn best through exploration and play. Our classrooms are designed to be engaging and stimulating environments that allow children to learn through hands-on experiences. Students not only acquire academic but also develop crucial social and emotional skills. We believe that fostering creativity, self-awareness, and independence in this way prepares our students for a lifetime of learning.

Gentle and Respectful Teachers

At Kingsworth our team of educators is committed to creating a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. We understand that each child is unique and progresses at their own pace. Our teachers are gentle, respectful, and accompany students during their day-to-day activities. This approach helps build trust and confidence in our young learners, setting the stage for their personal growth and development.

Shaping Confident and Independent Learners

At our Early Years section, we strive to shape pupils into confident, independent, sensitive individuals who are ready to take on challenges. We focus not only on academic excellence but also on character development. Our goal is to instill values such as kindness, empathy, and resilience, ensuring that our students are well-rounded individuals who can thrive in an ever-changing world.

Building Solid Foundations for the Future

Our top priority is to provide children with the solid foundations they need to reach their full potential. We understand that the early years are a critical time for brain development, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for future learning and to equip them with skills and knowledge that they can apply in their daily lives, setting them on a path towards success.

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At Kingsworth we use a text-based approach that incorporates reading, humanities, and the sciences into one central lesson. We develop literacy and a love of reading by developing each unit around a storybook carefully chosen for the development of the child by the Center for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) as well as high quality French storybooks curated by our French and English teachers together.