Our teachers recognize that the majority of our students are going through a period of transition. We try to make our school the anchor for the child. A warm and welcoming environment can go a long way in the adaptation and comfort level of the student.


Teachers are well-versed in welcoming of students from a variety of cultures, each with their own comfort level in both English and French. Our teachers have extensive experience teaching English or French to non-native speakers.

For the first two weeks of school, teachers will gauge the language capabilities of each student. This will inform their teaching methods. Personalized worksheets, small group activities with students of similar language levels, and small class sizes ensure that students are able to follow the lesson regardless of their language abilities.

A library full of books for children of all ages and reading levels is always available to children as a calming space to go if they need a moment to cool down. Our highly experienced staff are available at any moment to support children and to help them work through their difficulties.

pastoral care in early years and primary school

Students are assigned a tutor when they arrive at the school. This member of staff is the primary contact for pupils and their parents as well as other teachers throughout the academic year.

The tutor takes responsibility for the welfare and academic progress of their students and is responsible for expressing and relaying praise and concern from other members of staff back to the parents.

Tutors liaise with parents on a regular basis, giving them vital feedback on the student’s life at school. The Head of School Life and Well-Being is available as needed as a point of contact for any issues. We also organise bonding events, after-school and lunch-time icebreaker activities, English as a Second Language, and private tutoring where necessary.

Pastoral Care at the Secondary Level

House activities are one way we create a familial atmosphere.