Online Saftey

Online Saftey

Online Saftey

Online Saftey

Online Safety Policy Statement

Kingsworth International School

1.            Introduction

The internet is a valuable resource that can raise educational standards by offering both pupils and teachers opportunities to search for information from a very wide range of sources based throughout the world. However, some of the information to be found on the internet will be inappropriate for pupils and we feel it is important to have a policy in place that takes this issue into account.

The school has a duty to ensure that before using the internet with pupils, staff have had the opportunity to discuss how they will deal sensitively with inappropriate use. The following policy helps to define appropriate and acceptable use by both staff and pupils.

The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all members of staff.

The internet is a powerful technology, and we realise that it must play an important role in any learning environment. Kingsworth uses the internet:

       ·        For communication with parents;
       ·        For online learning in school and when at home(Google Classroom and Class Dojo);
       ·        For the sharing of learning achievements;
        ·        To enhance curriculum delivery.

The purpose of this policy statement is to:

        ·       ensure the safety and well being of children and young people is at the forefront when adults, young people or children are using the internet, social media or mobile devices
        ·       provide staff and volunteers with the overarching principles that guide our approach to online safety
        ·       ensure that, as an organisation, we operate inline with our values in terms of how we use online devices.

The policy statement applies to all staff, volunteers, children and young people and anyone involved in Kingsworth International School’s activities.

We believe that:

        ·       children and young people should never experience abuse of any kind
        ·       children should be able to use the internet for education and personal development, but safeguards need to be in place to ensure they are kept safe at all times

We recognise that:

        ·       the online world provides everyone with many opportunities; however it can also present risks and challenges
        ·       we have a duty to ensure that all children, young people and adults involved in our organisation are protected frompotential harm online
        ·       we have a responsibility to help keep children and young people safe online when they are using Kingsworth International School’s network and devices
        ·       working in partnership with children, young people and their parents is essential in promoting young people’s welfare and in helping young people to be responsible in their approach to online safety

2. Roles and Responsibilities

All teachers are responsible for promoting and supporting safe behaviours in their classrooms and following school e-safety procedures. Central to this is fostering a ‘No Blame’ culture so pupils feel able to report any bullying, abuse or inappropriate materials. As the children progress through the school there is a gradual progression in access to the internet. Pupils will be made aware of unacceptable use of the internet without teachers being too explicit (as this may encourage some children to disobey the rules). The rules for using the internet will be made clear to all pupils and children will have to sign the Rules for Responsible Internet Use prior to using the internet. They will be made aware that if they feel that the rules do not apply to them and therefore decline to sign the agreement, then this will result in an instant loss of access to the internet. The rules apply to staff as well as pupils and staff (including temporary and regular supply teachers) will be asked to sign the Acceptable Use of the Internet form annually. Each teacher will be responsible for monitoring the use of the internet within their classroom and ensure that unacceptable material is not accessed.

2.1 We will seek to keep children and young people safe by:

        ·       making sure all access to the internet is supervised
        ·       providing clear and specific directions to staff and volunteers on how to behave online through our online safety agreement for adults
        ·      providing clear and specific directions to young people and their parents through our online safety agreement
        ·      supporting and encouraging the young people using our service to use the internet in a way that keeps them safe and shows respect for others
        ·      supporting and encouraging parents to do what they can to keep their children safe online
        ·      developing clear and robust procedures to enable us to respond appropriately to any incidents of inappropriate online behaviour, whether by an adult or a child/young person
        ·      reviewing and updating the security of our information systems regularly
        ·      ensuring that user names, logins, email accounts and passwords are used effectively
        ·      ensuring personal information about the adults and children who are involved in our organisation is held securely and shared only as appropriate
        ·      ensuring that images of children, young people and families are used only after their written permission has been obtained, and only for the purpose for which consent has been given
        ·      providing supervision, support and training for staff and volunteers about online safety
        ·      examining and risk assessing any social media platforms and new technologies before they are used within the organisation.
        ·      ensure the following will not be published on the school website:
                    ·      staff or pupils contact details
                    ·      the pictures of children without the written consent of the parent
                    ·      the names of any pupils who are shown
                    ·      children’s work without the permission of the pupil or the parent

2.2 - Managing the school network
The computer system / network is owned by the school and is made available to pupils to further their education and to staff to enhance their professional activities including teaching, research, administration and management.

The school reserves the right to examine or delete any files that may be held on its computer system or to monitor any internet or email activity on the network, or perform any other activities that the school may see fit.

2.3 - Approach

                    ·      All staff will be given the School E-Safety Policy through Google Drive and its application and importance explained
                    ·      New staff members will receive a copy of the E-Safety policy
                    ·      All staff are encouraged to incorporate E-Safety into their activities and awareness within their lessons
                    ·      Pupils are informed that network and internet use will be monitored
                    ·      The school will plan and provide opportunities within a range of curriculum areas to teach E-Safety.
                    ·      Educating pupils on the dangers of technologies that may be encountered outside school is done informally when opportunities arise and as part of the E-Safety curriculum
                    ·      Use of the internet is a planned activity. Aimless surfing is not encouraged. Where pupils are allowed to freely search the Internet e.g. using search engines, staff are vigilant in monitoring the content of the websites the young people visit and encourage pupils to use specific search terms to reduce the likelihood of coming across unsuitable material
                    ·      Pupils will be educated in the effective use of the internet in research, including the skills of knowledge, location, retrieval and evaluation

Handling E-Safety Complaints:

                    ·      Reports of internet misuse will be dealt with by the Safeguarding Team.  The head teacher and leadership team should be informed immediately
                    ·      Deliberate access to inappropriate materials by any user will lead to the incident being logged and reported to the head teacher and DSL
                    ·      Any complaint about staff misuse must be referred to the leadership team
                    ·      Complaints of a child protection nature must be dealt with in accordance with school Child Protection Policy
                    ·      We will immediately suspend  a member of the school personnel if they commit an exceptionally serious act of gross misconduct related to online safety and cybercrime
                    ·      We will immediately suspend and report to the Police if images of child abuse are found on a computer belonging to a member of the school personnel
                    ·      We will ensure any inappropriate websites or material found by pupils or school personnel will be reported to the head teacher and DSL who in turn will report to the Internet Service Provider

Rules for Internet Use (Pupils)

The school uses computers and Internet access to help ourlearning. These rules will keep everyone safe and help us to be fair to others.

                    ·      I will ask permission from a member of staff before using the Internet
                    ·      I will not access other people's folders without permission
                    ·      I will only use ICT systems in school, including the internet, email, digital video,mobile technologies, etc., for school purposes
                    ·      I will not download or install software on school technologies
                    ·      I will only open email attachments from people I know are safe
                    ·      I will check with an adult before I access an unfamiliar website
                    ·      I will only log on to the school network or learning platform with my own username and password
                    ·      I will follow the school's ICT security system and not reveal my passwords to anyone and change them regularly
                    ·      I will only use my school email address
                    ·      I will make sure that all ICT communication with pupils, teachers or others is responsible and sensible
                    ·      I will not deliberately browse, download, upload or forward material that could beconsidered offensive or illegal                                            
                    ·      If I accidentally come across any such material, I will report it immediately to my teacher
                    ·      I will not copy other people’s work from the internet and say that it is my own
                    ·      I will not give out any personal information such as name, phone number or address
                    ·      I will not arrange to meet someone unless this is part of a school project approved by my teacher
                    ·      I will ensure that my online activity, both in school and outside school, will not cause my school, the staff, pupils or others distress or bring into disrepute
                    ·      I will not attempt to bypass the internet filtering system
                    ·      I understand that these rules are designed to keep me safe and that if they are not followed, school sanctions will be applied and my parents may be contacted
                    ·      I understand that the school may check my computer files and may monitor the Internet sites I visit

Staff Use

The computers, electronic media and services provided by theschool are primarily for educational use to assist staff in the performance oftheir job. Limited or incidental use of electronic media for personal purposesis acceptable, and all such use should be done in a manner that does not negativelyaffect the system’s use for their educational purposes. However, staff areexpected to demonstrate a sense of responsibility and not abuse this privilege.

Kingsworth International School expects any staff usingsocial media sites to ensure that their use is conducive to their professionalstatus. They should not mention the school by name or in passing, or discussindividuals or groups within the school, or compromise the school values.

In addition, staff must ensure that any private blogs,bulletin boards, websites etc. which they create, or actively contribute to, donot compromise, and are not confused with, their professional role.

Staff must ensure that any engagement in any onlineactivities does not compromise their professional responsibilities.

Staff must not publish photographs of children taken inschool or on school outings on their private blogs/social media etc.

Acceptable Use Statement (Staff)

The computer system is owned by the school and is made available to staff to enhance their professional activities, including teaching, research, administration and management. The school's Internet Access Policy has been drawn up to protect all parties - the pupils, the staff and the school.

The school reserves the right to examine or delete any files that may be held on its computer system or to monitor any Internet sites visited.

                    ·      I will only use the school’s email / internet and any related technologies for professional purposes or for uses deemed ‘reasonable’ by the Head teacher
                    ·      I will comply with the ICT system security and not disclose any passwords provided to me by the school or other related authorities
                    ·      I will ensure that all electronic communications with pupils and staff are compatiblewith my professional role
                    ·      I will not give out my own personal details, such as mobile phone number and personalemail address, to pupils
                    ·      I will only use the approved, secure email system(s) for any school business
                    ·      I will ensure that personal data (such as data held on ISAMS) is kept secure and isused appropriately, whether in school, taken off the school premises or accessed remotely

Personal data can only be taken out of school or accessed remotely when authorised by the Head teacher.

                    ·      I will not install any hardware or software without permission of the Head teacher
                    ·      I will only open email attachments from sources I know to be safe
                    ·      I will not browse, download, upload or distribute any material that could beconsidered offensive, illegal or discriminatory

Images of pupils and/ or staff will only be taken, stored and used for professional purposes in line with school policy and with written consent of the parent or staff member. Images will not be distributed outside the school network without the permission of the parent/ carer, member of staff or Head teacher
                    ·      I understand that all my use of the Internet and other related technologies can be monitored, logged and made available, on request, to the Head teacher
                    ·      I will support the school approach to online safety and not deliberately upload or addany images, video, sounds or text that could upset or offend any member of the school community
                    ·      I will respect copyright and intellectual property rights
                    ·      I will ensure that my online activity, both in school and outside school, will not bring my professional role into disrepute
                    ·      I will support and promote the school’s E-Safety Policy and help pupils to be safe andresponsible in their use of ICT and related technologies
                    ·      Access to the internet and school server should only be made via the authorised account and password, which should not be made available to any other person
                    ·      It is the responsibility of staff members to make the ICT coordinator aware of occasions when passwords cease to become private
                    ·      Staff should ensure that high levels of data-protection are adhered to at all times. This means locking computers whilst leaving the room
                    ·      Issued netbooks/laptops are for staff use only
                    ·      Activity that threatens the integrity of the school ICT systems, or activity that attacks or corrupts other systems, is forbidden. Permission should be granted from the Head teacher before bringing in electrical and ICT equipment from home
                    ·      Users are responsible for all emails sent and for contacts made that may result in email being received
                    ·      Use for personal financial gain, gambling, political purposes, online shopping or advertising is forbidden
                    ·      Posting anonymous messages and forwarding chain letters is forbidden
                    ·      As email can be forwarded or inadvertently be sent to the wrong person, the same professional levels of language and content should be applied as for letters or other media
                    ·      No reference should EVER be made to Kingsworth International School on any social networking site
                    ·      Use of the network to access inappropriate materials such as pornographic, racist oroffensive material is forbidden

Acceptance of Code of Conduct

I agree to follow this code of conduct and to support the safe use of online safety throughout the school.

Any breaches in the operation of the requirements laid out in this Acceptable Use Statement will result in the Disciplinary Policy being invoked.

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We are committed to reviewing our policies each year. This policy was last reviewed 19/01/2024