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"I am thrilled with the environment for learning that allows the students to express themselves and their potential. It is wonderful how the teachers can challenge the students and show them learning is a two way street. My son was thrilled that his poetry teacher wanted to learn about slam poetry and invited it into the class. This is how relationships for learning are cultivated." PARENT OF DAVID, YEAR 13 - AMERICAN/FRENCH
"To quote my son 'the teachers are all nicer than the nicest teachers in my old school and when I don't understand something they don't tell me off''. Before Kingsworth, school for my son was humiliating and stressful. Now he enjoys going to school. Kingsworth has transformed our lives for the better!" PARENT OF VICTOR,YEAR 8 -FRENCH/ENGLISH
"It is a comfortable environment to be in and a real community has been built... I'm glad to be part of Kingsworth and feel special to be here. Privileged! There is so much opportunity ... not only future ones but also discovering talents you didn't know you had." MANON, EX PUPIL - FRENCH
"I feel like I'm actually learning here in an exciting way... Kingsworth allows me to feel safe and I can be expressive and more open with my peers and teachers." CASSANDRA, EX PUPIL - MEXICAN
"I'd always thought that a school was just a place of education. Kingsworth is so much more than that. Never have I felt more challenged, more supported by my teachers and more at ease in expressing and developing my ideas." LAURENT, YEAR 13 – RUSSIAN/GERMAN
56 Rue de Passy
75016 Paris
Ph. +33 1 42 88 67 38