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What is the American High School Diploma Program (HSD)?

The HSD is a baccalaureate programme meaning that it covers a wide range of subjects.


So how does it work?

Over the course of four years, between 9th to 12th grades, students must earn a MINIMUM of 18 credits.
This has to include:

  • 4 in Mathematics
  • 4 in English
  • 3 in Social Sciences
  • 3 in Natural Sciences
  • 2 in World Languages
  • 1 in Physical Education
  • Other electives (such as M.U.N., Art, Music, Theatre, and other World Languages). 

Each credit represents one full year of coursework in the given subject. 


What is its strong point?

The HSD gives a well-rounded education, which allows students to study in whatever field they choose.  It is thus a great alternative to the A-level program for students who are not yet ready to choose one specific area of study. 

Earning a diploma is based on the satisfactory completion of the necessary classes, as listed above. 

The course is a mix of assessment and exam, balancing reliability and consistency for students in this program, engendering a love and respect for learning.


Is it accepted outside of the US?

Universities world-wide acknowledge the High School Diploma alongside the SAT or ACT. 


What are the SATs and ACTs?

They are international exams that test general skills and academic aptitude. It is a standardized test that allows universities a point of comparison for students from all over the world who have done the HSD. 


For any further questions please contact:
High School Program Coordinator and Registrar