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Key Stage 5 Curriculum Ages 16 to 18 years

Key Stage 5
Grade 11 and 12

Ages 16 to 18 years

In the Kingsworth International School Sixth Form all of our students study for AS and A levels across a broad range of subjects. We teach the International A Level with Cambridge International Examinations. Alongside our International A levels, still the gold standard in school age academic achievement, we also offer the Cambridge AICE Diploma.

The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma is an international curriculum and examination system that emphasises the value of broad and balanced study. Alongside in-depth understanding of a variety of subjects, students also need to master a broader range of skills critical for success in university study and employment. 

Perhaps, however, the most valuable part of the Kingsworth Key Stage 5 Curriculum is the Extended Project Qualification which teaches highly valued and much sought after independent research and study skills. It gives students the chance to exploit individual interests and strengths and can be a deciding factor in university applications. We believe our curriculum strikes a positive balance between the demands of academic studies and the development of a well rounded individual. Everything we do is focused on enhancing the prospects of our students.

Tutor groups in the Sixth Form as with all years at Kingsworth are small. All tutors work closely with the Deputy Head Teacher and have a vital role to play overseeing a student’s academic and personal progress. Specific lessons are dedicated to such matters as study skills, time management, relevant personal, social and current issues and, as time goes on, the process of applying for Higher Education or employment.
Overall, the curriculum in the Kingsworth Sixth Form ensures that all of our students have the opportunity to maximise their potential, leaving Kingsworth as confident, articulate, successful young people ready to make their mark on the world.

The Subjects
The following AS and A Levels are offered in the Sixth Form:

International AS and A2 option blocks (Grade 11 and 12):

Students choose one option from four of the following blocks


Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 5



ICT Philosophy Music French
Biology History Economics Mathematics Art
Spanish Chemistry



Geography Physics





Non-examination compulsory subjects: Sixth Form Coordination, Physical Education

All students also take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Students also have four supervised study periods in the week


The majority of our students study 4 AS subjects in Grade 11 and take three of these subjects through to A level in Grade 12. We are, however, responsive to the needs of individuals and each student’s timetable is discussed and finalised only after careful consideration of particular strengths and interests.