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Kingsworth’s End of year show took place on December 1st!

Hosted by Mr. Payne, the festivities included musical performances from individual students as well as the school’s four houses, and encouraged cultural exchange and friendship.

The show started off on a high note with a music recital - the occasion for Mr. Kamaliddin to show off the many talents of his Music students -  whose performances undoubtedly captivated the audience! Amongst these promising musicians were David and Louis (Grade 6), Yoosup (Grade 8), Victoria and Sonja (Grade 10), and Connor (Grade 11). They each gave individual renditions to then unite all of their voices together, forming the Kingsworth Choir Ensemble to perform Gruber’s ‘Silent Night’ - a very Christmassy start to the End of Year show!

Soon after this musical interlude came the competition: Kingsworth’s 4 houses -Amazon, Danube, Mississippi, and Nile - put their many lunchtime practice sessions to good use, representing their colours in the annual House Shout competition. True to Kingsworth’s values, their energy and enthusiasm put a smile on every face in the audience!

A quick break then allowed spectators to vote for their favourite house. Genuine community spirit was demonstrated by the many parents who brought national delicacies from all over the world: from British scones to Japanese sushi, Danish meatballs, and of course the very French baguette, wine and cheese. We all got a chance to experience and enjoy the different countries’ cuisine!

Closing the show with a bang, five amazingly talented students performed national songs. Lea (Grade 6), Precious (Grade 10), and Marina (Grade 12) enchanted their audience with their interpretations of Slovenian, Nigerian,  and French classics, as did Mione and Connor (Grades 10 and 11) with their English and American duo.

All throughout the event, hordes of Kingsworth students and their siblings queued in front of the Orwell room and resurfaced with their national colours painted on their cheeks, colourfully echoing the many flag-themed decorations ornamenting the school’s Passy campus! 

Students and staff alike worked hard over the past couple of weeks to offer a fun-filled evening to their families and proudly show off their many cultures and traditions, in total harmony with Kingsworth’s spirit of diversity and international unity.

Clémence – Grade 12